[New Announcement: Call for Proposal, Feb. 01-20, 2016. Details available here (Link). For research projects in ICT domain, IIT Kharagpur is the coordinating IIT and, Dept. of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY) is identified as the coordinating institution from the side of the host ministry.]


Under the initiative entitled IMPacting  Research,  INnovation and Technology,IMPRINT-India, MHRD has entrusted IITs and IISc to identify the needs of the country in terms its research and technology requirements so as to enable proper planning for manpower, research infrastructure and resources in ten domains of national interest. The outcome of this exercise would be policy documents on education and research.

IIT Kharagpur is coordinating two critical domains under IMPRINT-India and participating in all other domains. The ten technology domains and coordinating institutes for IMPRINT India are – (i) Healthcare: IIT Kharagpur (ii) Information & Communication Technology (ICT): IIT Kharagpur (iii) Energy Security: IIT Bombay (iv) Sustainable Habitat: IIT Roorkee (v) Nano-technology Hardware: IIT Bombay (vi) Water Resources and River Systems: IIT Kanpur (vii) Advanced Materials: IIT Kanpur (viii) Manufacturing: IIT Madras (ix) Security and Defence: IIT Madras (x) Environment Science and Climate Change: IISc, Bangalore. A brochure that gives a synopsis of these ten domains can be downloaded from here (1.8 MB).

Information & Communication Technology pervades almost all walks of life, including education, health-care, environment management, water-resource management, to mention a few. The first task of information technology is to gather information omnipresent in different forms and languages, through sensing of data such as biological data, data pertaining to environment, education, heritage, land usage and cognitive information about users. Such information gathered from diverse field situations, has to be communicated to distant servers through secured, reliable and fast communication channels, followed by different types of processing and analytics. To carry out large scale and fast computations and in-place embedded-real-time computations, novel indigenous computational infrastructures are necessary. The IMPRINT program aims to identify the gaps and the “things to be done” in India to make India self reliant in these aspects.

Since the national launch of IMPRINT-India from Rastrapati Bhavan on 05th Nov., 2015 by Hon. President of India, in presence of Hon. Prime Minister of India (Link), IMPRINT-Projects activity has started in parallel to IMPRINT-Road Map building activity. For research projects in ICT domain, IIT Kharagpur is the coordinating IIT and, DeitY is identified as the coordinating institution from the side of the host ministry.



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